Monday, July 23, 2012

Visiting Hongkong, Amazing Shopping Spree

I had a wonderful tour lately I want to share with you, no matter how very busy few days and exhausting, it’s really worth visiting Hongkong, some of the places remind me of visiting Tsim Sha Tsui many years ago. Hongkong for sure is a terrific place to visit and I am sure you’ll have great time there. I enjoyed the Night Market, it’s awesome.  All items were inexpensive, it’s amazing that you can get it half price of the original price, a superb place,  it appears all merchandise are as discounted and on sale because of the very low  prices. Though it’s a bit crowded, it’s definitely a kind of market where you can everything, enough to get started a clothing business. Of course, I didn’t missed the fun and experience of their street foods-skewed delicious. I had some good photo shoots around the city, inside MTR, where I find myself completely occupied by going-in and going-out every time we have to take to another station.  It's true, there are lots of tourist who hardly find their directions in Hongkong, because of such a big city and many places to go around to, we almost lost our way.  We missed to see Hongkong Disneyland because our tour is solely for shopping for my daughter business fashion clothings, but I hope the next time we visit, Hongkong Disneyland would be on the first list to see. 

Hongkong is cool to visit.  I am sure tourist enjoyed so much as I am.  Aside from those bargain merchandise they have, delicious foods are served.  Really, I had a great time.

Thanks for the tour – I also look forward to seeing other places in the future.

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